EchoStar Mobile’s Pan-European LoRaWAN© Network

LoraWan S band network

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Seamless Pan-European coverage for massive IoT

EchoStar Mobile has designed a single pan-European S-band LoRaWAN© network, providing bi-directional, real-time connectivity to LoRa© sensors across the coverage with no additional infrastructure required. Our seamless coverage and LoRaWAN© network design ensure that users across Europe, the UK, and Scandinavia do not need cumbersome roaming agreements to achieve ubiquitous service continuity across geographic regions, making it ideal for mobile customers or those customers with widely distributed sites.

Dual-mode terrestrial and satellite module

Our dual-mode terrestrial and satellite module design means devices integrating with our LoRaWAN© module can connect to local terrestrial networks if required. As a member of the LoRa Alliance©, we are focused on ensuring our LoRaWAN© module works seamlessly with the existing ecosystem, making it easy to integrate our network into existing projects and making the ideal technology choice for deployments where coverage and infrastructure make adopting LoRaWAN© problematic.

LoraWAN dual mode module

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LoRa Alliance Member

S-band across Europe

EchoStar Mobile’s LoRaWAN© network utilizes our dedicated licensed spectrum (S-band) across Europe, UK, and Scandinavia, ensuring reliable performance and enterprise-grade service levels.

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