Pipeline Operations Satellite Services

Pipeline Operations

Pipelines in the EU and UK cross borders, territories, and areas of responsibility which creates a unique challenge for those wanting to leverage monitoring and control tools to monitor pipeline integrity, environmental conditions, and to mitigate risk to this essential infrastructure.

At EchoStar Mobile our satellite services ensure that we are able to provide ubiquitous coverage across the region, ensuring highly available and cost effective data services across the length of pipeline.

Pipeline satellite services infographic

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S-band Satellite Services

EchoStar Mobile’s mobile satellite services network operates in the S-band, ensuring that the service will remain stable, available, and fully functional whatever the atmospheric conditions. The S-band frequency range also facilitates the development of small, low-cost terminals for use throughout Europe and the UK, be it on land, at sea, or on the move in vehicles or on trains.

Satellite/Cellular Hybrid Services

EchoStar Mobile’s hybrid SYNERGY™ service includes access to over 100 cellular networks across the UK and Europe (including Scandinavia) alongside its resilient S-band services, ensuring seamless, least-cost data connectivity to users and applications on the move or at fixed locations across the service footprint.