Senior Product Manager

General Description of the Position:

The position is for a Senior Product Manager to develop and implement the EM product vision and product roadmap for the emerging satellite IoT and hybrid terrestrial/satellite applications. The Senior Product Manager oversees the development of the required market intelligence, identifying competitors and new market opportunities. She/He will prioritize the features of the product to be implemented with internal/external engineering support and she/he will define and product lifecycle. The Senior Product manager will closely cooperate with her/his peers supporting sales, marketing, technology, and program office according to the below charter.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Research and analyse market conditions, identify key competitors, articulate market requirements and opportunities for satellite IoT and hybrid satellite/terrestrial applications
  • Accountable for EM product vision and roadmap definition for satellite IoT and use of EM spectrum for hybrid satellite/terrestrial applications
  • Accountable for EM product feature definition, prioritization, and implementation through internal and external engineering resources
  • Accountable to define the EM product lifecycle
  • Negotiate with suppliers
  • Develop pricing strategies
  • Produce product documentation (product description, service description, use cases, etc…)
  • Closely cooperate with Sales and Marketing Director to produce the required sales enablement tools (training, market intelligence, product presentations) and input for target marketing campaigns (product launch)
  • Closely cooperate with the Technology Director to identify and onboard the required technology enablers
  • Closely cooperate with Program Management Office to align program execution with product roadmap

Other Tasks:

  • Respect and support all changes to business processes and support the company’s formal ‘Quality’ initiatives (including ITIL).
  • Be fully aware of the Company Quality Policy and comply with the Quality Procedures and instructors applicable to the above responsibilities.
  • Understand and follow the European Anti-Corruption, UK Bribery Act Policy as a mandatory policy of compliance for all EchoStar entities.
  • Undertake ad-hoc activities within the scope of these responsibilities, which are requested by management from time to time.