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In Europe EchoStar Mobile holds an S-Band MSS and Complementary Ground Component (CGC) license that can offer IP data services with complete coverage across Europe in the 2 GHz S-band range.

EchoStar Mobile took considerable effort to standardize the use of its spectrum by 3GPP standardization body. Today band 65 is part of the latest standard specifications.

EchoStar Mobile has a close relationship with each EU member state to regulate the use of its spectrum in accordance with EU and national policies.

EchoStar Mobile believes the combination of satellite and CGC can address the emerging needs of the digital transformation journey many businesses across Europe have already begun or are just beginning.

Digital transformation, especially for industrial organizations, has stringent requirements in terms of security, availability and quality of service on the communication network.

EchoStar Mobile’s harmonized spectrum for hybrid satellite terrestrial operations across EU is well positioned to offer businesses, enterprises and organisations a reliable and efficient managed network.