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Utility companies rely heavily on communication solutions to enable applications, like SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), to monitor and manage critical infrastructure. As legacy technologies like PSTN approach obsolescence, the industry needs long-term futureproof solutions that can scale and adapt as technologies and businesses continue to evolve.

EchoStar Mobile has developed its suite of services and hardware to ensure that Utility companies can deploy standardized communication solutions to enable and evolve their digital strategies as well as to drive the adoption of applications like remote video, voice, and IOT from dense urban areas to the remotest corners of their service areas.

S-band Satellite Services

EchoStar Mobile's mobile satellite services network operates in the S-band, ensuring that the service will remain stable, available, and fully functional whatever the atmospheric conditions. The S-band frequency range also facilitates the development of small, low-cost terminals for use throughout Europe and the UK, be it on land, at sea, or on the move in vehicles or on trains.

Satellite/Cellular Hybrid Services

EchoStar Mobile's hybrid SYNERGYâ„¢ service includes access to over 100 cellular networks across the UK and Europe (including Scandinavia) alongside its resilient S-band services, ensuring seamless, least-cost data connectivity to users and applications on the move or at fixed locations across the service footprint.