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5G Standardization

Leading the Way in Establishing 5G, Anytime Anywhere IOT Standards

EchoStar Mobile’s S band mobile satellite service and complementary ground component are an important part of the emerging 5G ecosystem, delivering innovative wireless services throughout Europe.  Accordingly, back in 2015, EchoStar Mobile led the way in having its S band frequencies already included in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (“3GPP”) in Band Class 65 for both satellite and terrestrial communications.

EchoStar Mobile continues to build on this success in 3GPP to ensure inclusion of Band 65 in the 5G NR (“NR65”) and LTE NB-IoT operating bands, as well as to ensure that NTN (non-terrestrial networks) are part of the upcoming 5G 3GPP release 17 due to be commercially available in 2021.  This will open the door for EchoStar Mobile to fully implement Band 65 NR and LTE NB-IoT air-interface and deploy a converged S band satellite and terrestrial end to end network, enabling a much wider range of 5G services.